Local Entrepreneurs Aid Glendale Police Bomb Squad

Posted by Jeremy Kush on

Nearly everything in the military, from laptop computers to missles are packed and protected in high quality fiberglass cases know as Pelican Cases after the company that manufactures them. These case are a highly sought after item as they are useful for everyone from gun owners to campers or for anyone seeking a durable and safe casing to protect anything of value from the elements.

In steps Jeremy Kush who has opened a business called A to Z Cases. Featuring literally hundreds of used military Pelican cases. Over the last year Jeremy has sold these nearly indestructible cases to numerous customers at a fraction of the price that the Military pays for them.

Most recently, A to Z Cases made a large donation of cases to the Glendale Police Department Bomb Squad. According to Bomb Squad member Detective Scott Haeffner, they will use the cases for training purposes. Detective Haeffner stated that the quality of these cases make it harder to defeat what is inside and that they actually construct dummy explosive devices to place in the cases and then run drills with the bomb squad to try and defuse the explosive device or safely destroy the cases. Detective Haeffner said that the Police Department is grateful for the donations as the department would not have the budget to buy these cases on the open market.

Ato Z cases is located at 5411 West Orange, suite 14, Glandale AZ, they are open daily (except Sundays) from 7:30AM to 3:30PM